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Piri Piri Xpress

Piri Piri Xpress, 61 , Sea Side Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3PL

Piri Piri Xpress is one of the best takeaways in Eastbourne handsdown, is something what our customers tell us all the time! Don't believe us? Then drop by sometime and we'll prove you wrong. We believe in providing superior quality wholesome meals to people who are looking for quick, on the go meal options. We flame grill and bake our food whenever possible to reduce the amount of fat in it and to provide you with enjoyable, leaner food options that you can enjoy guilt free. Known for our famous mouthwatering piri piri chicken, we incorporate it in a variety of meals such as pizzas, burgers, wraps, starters and salads so you can enjoy our speciality in whatever form you like. You'll find us using hot peppers a lot in our takeaway dishes and that's because peppers have much more nutritional, immunity and cold-fighting benefits than you'd think it does. Plus, it makes our food taste absolutely scrumptious, giving it that unique spicy flavour.

Telephone: 01323 325586 | Website:

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