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Rose Of Bengal

Rose Of Bengal, 260 Radford Road, Coventry, CV6 3BU

Telephone: 02476597307

Please note: location on map may not be accurate

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I have been to this restaurant before and the guy increased what he expected in payment compared to the printed prices on the menu and served me small portions when I had ordered large. The guy also likes to keep Customers waiting whilst he has all manner of phone calls so, in my opinion, you are less likely to walk out empty handed. I thought i'd give them a second try this afternoon and I simply wished to order a portion of chips - he told me that he would not do me a portion of chips alone. After keeping me waiting 5 minutes, he expected me to order more food that no doubt he would tell me actually costs more than stated on the menu (like last time). The last time I was in he also served me small portions and charged me for large (and then more on top as he told me the Menu prices were wrong). Although I am cheesed off with him, seriously, i'd strongly recommend getting quotes from this restaurant and compare them before ordering as he is stupidly expensive for his total lack of customer service. If he is going to be part of the Radford community he should promote cohesion instead of ripping us off and making fools of us. If he wasn't there, maybe the Radford Chippy would open longer hours and I could actually get my darn portion of chips or maybe if he was more reasonably priced and decent in his customer service offering, such charm alone may have tempted me into giving his curries a second try. Absolute fool with no business sense and sheer greed on the brain. I would definitely ***not*** recommend. none