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Balti Brasserie

Balti Brasserie, 92 94 Liverpool Road, Eccles, Manchester, Lancashire, M30 0WZ

Telephone: 0161 788 9015

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We've used the Balti Brasserie for over eighteen years and never had any problems, until the new owners took over ! I've had under-cooked and slimy chicken pakora, and when I complained was told it can't be, because it's bought pre cooked when and just done in the microwave, which is nice . The most recent issue was the addition of two drain flies to some poppadoms we ordered. Again, when I called to complain, the guy who said he was the manager had a real attitude problem. We had a bit of a heated exchange and when I asked him to look on Just Eat to see we spend well over £120 a month with him, I was told he doesn't care and was not willing to replace any of my order. I then said I may possibly leave a negative review, and was told "Do what you like" before he hung up. Just one last thing, when I looked on I found they only have a rating of 2, which is grim. I've actually eaten from more hygienic burger vans at football matches, and that's no exaggeration The Skip Man